Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vande Mataram.

Hey guys, remember that time we won a cricket World Cup and it wasn't 1983?

I am so incredibly happy right now that I can barely even articulate it. It's incredible to think that the team has actually won the World Cup, but at the same time, of course they should've won the World Cup - they deserved it. It's just... I am over the moon now. Thoughts:

+ It was a match worthy of a final. I thought I was nervous during the Australia and Pakistan matches; boy was I wrong. This match literally had me hiding under my sheets and peeking at the TV from behind my pillow. I'm not built to take such tension, ha!

+ As I see it, our win was perfect. The only things that could have made it better were Sachin's 100th century and Sehwag slamming the first ball for a boundary. Neither happened - QUITE the opposite, really - but I'm very glad that the team has proved it can sustain itself without their two powerful openers. Earlier in the tournament, we found that they relied on Sachin-Sehwag too much (Sachin in particular), and collapsed later. It was the opposite this time, and I'm glad to see them prove that. Also, while a part of me would've loved to see us pummel the Lankans, victory is much sweeter when you've had to work for it. Again, earlier in the tournament, we've found India slipping from winning positions - but this time, they upped their game from a losing position (high score to chase, Sachin-Sehwag out) and won. It was a beautiful thing to see.

+ Great, great innings by both Gautam and Virat to level the game and bring India back into it. Their runs, the way they operated under pressure... both were crucial for India. 

+ I am, above all, happy for Dhoni. I think he's a brilliant captain and one of the best things to happen to Indian cricket, but he's heard a lot of criticism lately - for his selection choices, for his decisions, for his lack of runs. He silenced them all today with a fantastic innings and an amazing six to end the match. Could not be prouder of that man.

+ Very smart cricket overall by the Indian team. They were under pressure, but they did what they had to do. No unnecessary risks, just enough runs to keep the current rate on par with the required one. They played as a true team today.

+ The most poignant moment of the entire World Cup was when the crowd at Wankhede Stadium started singing Vande Mataram. It was just... beautiful. I would have given a lot to be there with them, singing along, cheering my team along, seeing the match to the end. But even so, it was one of my proudest moments just experiencing it.

+ Just seeing India lift that cup and hoist Sachin on their shoulders has filled me with so much joy my heart could actually burst. They did it. They did it, for Sachin. They did it, for the nation. So proud.

+ LOVELY words by Virat about Sachin: “He’s carried the burden of our nation for 21 years. It was time to carry him on our shoulders today.” Beautiful, just beautiful.

+ Very happy to see the boys also hoist Gary Kirsten on their shoulders and take him for a victory lap. That man deserves much of the credit for this win. Thank you, Gary. Please don't leave us.

+ Thank you, Sri Lanka, for a great match. Full respect to you for the fight you gave.

World Champions! :D
Photo credit: ESPNcricinfo

Happy happy happy happy happy! :D

By the way, if you think you're done with my cricket posts, you're wrong. I've got one more in my system. ;) It's probably going to be up tomorrow. And with that, I think my blog almost requires a name change... :)


  1. Yeah I was a bit sad when Sachin was out but I quickly recovered. I figured THIS WAS IT. Time for our boys to prove that they deserve to have such a brilliant player amongst them and they can pull through when the need arises. I loved how they were, like you said, smart about how they played. Slowly and steadily inching their way to catching up to the total they had to chase. I'm still not very coherent about it but you wrote a wonderful post. In fact I have been loving your cricket posts - so do continue them!

  2. Yes, a great performance and there's no question that the best team won, not just on the day, but overall. Dhoni got it right when it mattered, and the sentiments expressed afterward were heartwarming. Kirsten did a great job, and now I'm exceited to see if the rumours of a few months ago come to anything and India gets one of the best cricket captains of the last 20 years as its new coach - Stephen Fleming.

  3. Has any one posted a video of the crowd singing Vande Mataram?


  4. Hi KMR,

    I poked around YouTube but couldn't find a video. The best I could find was this: but it's not the moment I was talking about. Still, it's a good watch. :)

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