Wednesday, March 30, 2011

IND vs PAK: Post-match Thoughts

INDIA WON!!! WE DID IT! So proud of the Men in Blue. They pulled through again and now we're just one step away from the cup. Some thoughts from the game:

+ The most baffling thing about the match was how many lives Sachin was given. Or rather, how many he took, because the almighty Sachin isn't given things, he takes them. ;) He lead a seriously charmed life today. Nope, he wasn't playing at his best, but you know what? Ordinary innings by his standard are extraordinary innings by everyone else's standard. Having said that, I'm actually glad he didn't make his 100th century today - I'm not going by the "when Sachin makes a century, India loses" myth, I'm just saying that I think he'd rather achieve this milestone when he's playing an innings he's completely proud of. Today was probably not the day, but no matter - it gives us something to look forward to still.

+ Glad Ashish Nehra silenced the doubters. Yes, Dhoni misread the pitch - as did everyone else - and that's why he opted for Nehra instead of Ashwin, but can we stop getting on his case, please? He has to make decisions and he has to take risks, but he's putting thought into them and he's doing what he thinks is right. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't, but that's how the game works and that's what makes it interesting.

+ MUNAF PATEL. Did Yuvraj share some Revital with him prior to this match? Munaf has been the butt of all jokes for a good portion of this World Cup, but he totally showed up today. He bowled tight overs (including a maiden over), he took two wickets, and he fielded also decently. Good job, Munaf.

+ Speaking of Yuvraj, I was heartbroken to see him get out the way he did. Was hoping for another fabulous innings because he has totally been in the game this World Cup. He made up for it with the ball, though, so that's okay.

+ Raina is the man. He shows composure and calmness while batting, but is absolutely enthusiastic on the field. He fields excellently and is always jumping on and hugging players when there's an opportunity to celebrate. Watching a player enjoy his game thoroughly is one of the most heartening things to see, so thank you Raina for your show of enthusiasm.

How is Raina even MANAGING to hold these two? :)
Photo credit: ESPNcricinfo

+ Loved the spirit of the game. It seems too easy for players to succumb to the pressure of an India-Pakistan match, but all the boys played with complete dignity. No sledging, no out-to-get-you attitude, no sore losing. It was a wonderful thing to see.

+ Full respect to the Pakistani team. Not only did they make us work for our win, but they were absolutely gracious in their loss. Afridi showed great sportsmanship - he accepted his loss like a champ, and it was great to see his interaction with the Indian players. We need more like you, Afridi. Thanks for a great game and I hope you get all the respect you deserve back home.

Photo credit: ESPNcricinfo

That's all from me for today. Really hoping and praying for an Indian World Cup win this year. I will not be able to settle properly until Saturday; I'm already feeling the nerves and butterflies. We're so close. So close. Pleasepleaseplease win this, India. Please!


  1. A hearty amen to all of this - if there is ANY justice in this world then (a) Afridi will not be made a Shahid by the PCB, but will be recognised for his accomplishments on and off the pitch wirth his team and more importantly, (b) Sachin will score his 100th ton on the way to winning his first ever World Cup!

  2. Probably nothing is going to top what this game meant - because it was wonderful to see India and Pakistan playing together without any animosity on field but I am still looking forward to tonight's match A LOT.

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