Friday, March 18, 2011

Bollywood Playlist #3: Best of Mohit Chauhan

So I'm working on a new Character Profile (any guesses for which character?), but it's slow going because I've been incredibly busy lately. Hopefully it will be up soon, but for now I'm putting up a playlist because I've been on a music kick lately. This is the Best of Mohit Chauhan list - he's my favourite singer; I don't think I've disliked even a single song he's sung. However, I definitely have my favourites, and they're listed below. :)

Best of Mohit Chauhan
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raastein mil jaati hai
manzilen mil jaati hai
tum se hi, tum se hi

roads are found
destinations are reached
only with you, only with you

[This is not just my favourite Mohit Chauhan song; it's my favourite song ever. Nothing I ever say about this song will be enough.]

dil ne kaisi harkat ki hai
pehli baar mohabbat ki hai

what tricks has my heart played
i am in love for the first time

[Mohit Chauhan's voice + Vishal Bhardwaj's music + Gulzar's lyrics is a beautiful combination.]

kabhi hua yeh bhi
khaali rahoon peh bhi
tu tah mere saath

there was a time
even on empty roads
when you were with me

[Who doesn't relate to this song? Distance is the one thing I hate the most. You can feel that quiet sort of sadness in MC's voice, which is exactly what the lyrics are trying to convey.]

tujhe bhula diya
toh phir kyun tere yaadon ne mujhe ruladiya?

i have forgotten you
then why did memories of you make me cry?

[Again, who doesn't relate to this song? The above lines in particlar.]

ab yeh lamha teher jaye, tham jaye, bas jaye
hum dono ke darmiyaan

now this moment pauses, stops, lives
between us two

 [This is such a soft, serene song that always manages to put a small smile on my face. MC's voice flows beautifully.]

tere sang chain bhi mujhko
tere sang bekaraari hai

with you, i am at ease
with you, i am restless

[This is probably my favourite track of 2010... if you don't count Sheila Ki Jawani. Um, let's not go there...]

itdi se mud, ada se ud
kar le poori dil ki tamanna

turn with pleasure, fly with style
fulfill your heart's desires

[What a unique song! You can tell MC's having fun with this one.]

sawaloon ki ungli
jawabon ki muthi

pointing fingers
got fists in reply

[If I'm right, this was MC's first film song - and what a debut it was. His voice is haunting here; exactly what you want for such a song.]    

And that’s my list! There are, of course, a number of other Mohit Chauhan songs I love—Tune Jo Na Kaha, Jingle Jingle, Bheegi Si Bhaagi Si, Is Jahaan Mein, etc. Not to mention, he has non-film albums as well—solo (Fitoor) as well as with his band Silk Route (Boondein, Pehchan). All of his songs are worth a listen, but my favourites are those above. What are your favourite Mohit Chauhan songs?


  1. A lovely list!

    I am STILL not over the fact that he is the guy from Silk Route who did Dooba Dooba. I LOVED that song as a kid but never connected Mohit with it until I read somewhere that he was part of that band.

  2. Ah, yeah, I know! I hadn't heard some songs from his album, and then once a friend sent me a YouTube link to a song and told me to listen to it. It wasn't a video - just pictures synced to the song - but halfway through I realized the voice sounded like Mohit Chauhan's. Googled, and it turned out it WAS by him.

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