Monday, July 11, 2011

Mausam Trailer Launch

Today I had the extreme good fortune of being able to go to the Mausam trailer launch! It was an experience unlike any other and I'm still spazzing about it because I finally got to see Shahid Kapoor! :) Not only that, but Mausam is a film most of us have been waiting over a year for - so it was really quite surreal to be able to see scenes from it on the big screen.

First, for the promo - the background music is lovely, the cinematography is beautiful... but what I love most about it is the "feel" of the film. It has that very timeless and romantic feel, but more than that, you get that it's going to be an intense movie and is more than your usual love story. I wish we got to hear some of the songs from the movie, but no matter - something more to look forward to. :)

As for the entire experience - I got there, walked in and saw that all the media had set up. I ended up getting a seat in the third row, on the side of the auditorium. This was totally by luck, as the centre seats were reserved for guests and therefore no one was allowed to sit there. So most of the other non-media people got seats behind the cameras, and I am really SO thankful that no one asked me to move and that I could keep my seat. :)

I got my first glimpse of Shahid as he and Sonam were waiting by the door to enter the auditorium. I started freaking out right there, haha. Then he came in, waved to the fans and said that he wants to say a special thank you to ShahidOnline, and mentioned that they call themselves "Mausambees" so he knows he has really juicy fans. ;) Then they proceeded to the actual Q&A session; I'm not going to give out details of the Q&As because I bet that video will be up on BollywoodHungama soon and it's really fun to watch. And it was a LOT of fun; Shahid and Sonam had great chemistry between them and it seemed like they really had bonded during the shoot. Shahid was very witty with his answers; I especially liked his response to the Kareena-Priyanka-Sonam question. :) He seemed very comfortable throughout the entire thing, and that was great to see.

Then they wrapped up and got ready to leave. The photographers swamped them for more photos, and I weaseled my way into that group (I don't even know how) and walked right up to him and said, "Shahid, I'm from ShahidOnline." He stopped and smiled then. :) I told him I have something to give him on behalf of everyone at SO, and handed him the card.

He saw it and said, "Oh, wow... you guys are rockstars!" I asked if I could get a picture with him and he said yes. I was looking around for someone to give my phone to, and he said, "Give me, I'll take it." I didn't realize my camera was zoomed in, so that picture didn't turn out very well. He started leaving then, and I quietly said, "Oh, I didn't get it..." Somehow he heard, came back and said, "Let's take another one." :DDD And we did! And that one turned out fabulously, and I am ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

Of course the second one is a better pic, but I have a soft spot for the first one - he took it, our grins are huge, his head is resting against mine! :D

VERY, VERY, VERY happy! Clearly. I still almost can't believe it. :)))


  1. Thank you sooooo much for this sweet Blog post!
    I'm sooo happy for you and Shahid is a Sweetheart.

    Greetings, Biaji

  2. Congratulations on your exciting event, and thanks for sharing your enjoyment and enthusiasm with all of us.

  3. Gosh Rashmi...Congrats for your beautiful experience with Sasha..*hugs*...he is too sweet..and huge thanks for the card you made on behalf of SO and the heartfelt message in it...too happy... :))

  4. How exciting, that's amazing. Great pic of you and him. :D

    So happy that he thinks highly of too. :D

  5. hi rashmi !!
    i was not a Mausambee !!
    but after reading this, i am a Mausambee !!
    & tnx for such a nice post ....
    you and shahid both look amazing ..!!

  6. cool..your pic with shahid is great..and the close-up of his smile is good!!

  7. Heyyy Rashmi that was such a short and sweet blog post! :) I love the first pic too..grins are pleasing :D And glad that you could meet him and that was a very cute card with a even touching message written on it thanks a ton for the shoutout! He loves us and we love him no matter what! Aww he called us rockstars? no doubt we are! ;)
    Shalu xo

  8. Thank you all for your lovely words. :) Glad you liked it!

  9. *is dead* OMG, this is SOOO amazing. I know of your love for Shasha since forever and I'm SO happy you get to meet him in person! That too, a great one! :D


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